The Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan


We submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to Tower Hamlets Council on Wednesday 25th October 2017.
6 week public consultation has now ended. There are four documents we have submitted;

  1. ‘quick’ Neighbourhood Plan – 92 pages, 25 policies (below)
  2. Basic Conditions document – 20 pages (link below)
  3. Consultation Statement – 44 pages (link below)
  4. Consultation Statement Appendices – 260 pages (in Google drive link below)


After the Council reviewed the submitted Plan they asked us for the following;

1.    More detail on the Consultation Statement about who we consulted or did not consult which we did on pages 17 to 20
2.    How our Plan conforms with the London Plan for the Basic Conditions statement. This has not been done by other London Neighbourhood Plans as it is not a statutory requirement but we have added a section from page 13 here given the importance

The Google drive link below has a link to all the submitted documents

​You may find it useful to read this document first, it is a summary of the key sections of the Neighbourhood Plan document and is therefore only 20 pages long


Following the now complete Regulation 14 consultation we updated the Neighbourhood Plan policies document (version 7), you can access it here or below. It is the version discussed at the General Meeting on the 20th July (see Meetings page)

It has been replaced by the final version 9.2 submitted on the 25th October 2017

The changes made were in part due to the Regulation 14 consultation responses which can be found here Consultation Responses
The Regulation 14 section below details how and where to comment as well as the other backup documents.



The Regulation 14 consultation period formally ended on the 19th April 2017 but we accepted comment until the end of June.

There are four main documents we are consulting on;

  1. Policies document – see below and here – this has now been superseded by Version 7
  2. Backup to the Neighbourhood Plan policies here it is a big file

The Policies and Backup document together constitute the Neighbourhood Plan but are separated for ease of acccess
3.     Estate regeneration briefing document here
4.     Our development database showing a summary of developments in the Isle of Dogs area here

The full set of documents can be found here in this link to a Google drive.

Physical copies of the documents can be found at;
Cubitt Town Library, Strattondale Street, London E14 3HG – which is open every day except Sunday
Idea Store Canary Wharf, Churchill Place, London E14 5RB – which is open every day including Sunday

You can comment by;

  • Emailing comments to
  • Adding comments on our Facebook page here
  • Writing to us at Isle of Dogs Forum, 12, Neptune Court, Homer Drive, London E14 3UQ
  • You can also leave comments on comments sheets which are in the folders left at the two public libraries, these will be collected in early May

As a reminder we consulted on V2 of the Plan between December 2016 – February 2017 these have now been superseded by the Regulation 14 version above.

Policies draft – the policies document only with backup & explanation for each policy, find here
Backup draft – the rest of the Neighbourhood Plan, all of the backup etc, this is a large file find it here;

Download File